Alphen Signs started out as a Number Plate shop that was run by a friend of mine and at the time, 1990, number plates was a business on its own with Rubber stamps as an addition.

One day at dinner he suggested to me that I should take over as it was too much work for him. So Alphen became my baby. First off we started to do screen printing and set out doing a major amount of printing for all sorts of clients. Things were good and we had a semi automatic printer and printed for Checkers, Shoprite, Electrolux as well as a huge range of estate agent boards.

Those days most things were screen printed and the artwork done by hand, but with the age of Digital printing things started to change. Artwork is now done on a computer as well as most of our prints are now digital. Alphen had to change and reinvent itself by learning to serve a new kind of market.

We moved away from main stream screen printing into the world of Digital printing and plotted vinyl lettering. We changed the materials that we now work with and Alphen was now a sign and digital company. We are a small team dedicated to offer a fair service and give our customers the best we can offer...

Peter Wallenda